Navigating high school today is complicated. The demands on students are continuous and often contradictory, bringing a lot of unnecessary stress into their lives. In my classroom, I’ve encouraged students to take a step back and evaluate what’s truly important in their lives. They discovered a desire to realign their goals with truth and love, and created a video to share their vision.

While sharing these new goals out loud is a first step, we needed a tool to help us practice this new mindset, so we started to meditate, and it’s helping. We started by meditating 3 minutes at the beginning of each class. Then we created a meditation club that organized periodic 10 minute sessions after school for students and teachers. Now we’re sharing our story on this blog to grow our Loving Lives community.

If you have questions about our journey, or would like to share your story on this blog, you can connect with Ryan Shelton at ryanshelton7@yahoo.com.