Leading with Love is Powerful and Scary

Rules, titles, money, and competition bring order and compliance to society because they give us the illusion of understanding and control. If we follow the rules our lives will improve. If we break the rules our lives will suffer. By the time we discover the fallacy of these statements, it’s too hard to walk away. We discover that the humans in power create rules that benefit themselves, and we follow because we don’t have the power or understanding to create change. If logic was our only tool to impact the world, we would be stuck, but love presents a scary and exciting alternative path.

Unconditional love it a truth beyond human constructs. Love is not concerned with rules, titles, and money; Love is about acceptance, understanding, and compassion. Love starts within our own mind and body and projects out into the world. When someone is connected to unconditional love, titles projected on them by society are powerless. Love has the potential to transcend the nuanced difficulties of our communities.

When a person leads with power, they push subordinates in a desired direction based on rules, punishments, and rewards. When a person leads with love, people follow because they’re attracted to their leader’s qualities. Leading with love is not easy because it requires a person to surrender control, honor the people in their lives, and hope for a positive and unified direction. This may sound weak, but a small group of people listening to internal truth, embracing love, and living compassionately have the power to show the most privileged humans a quality of life that will attract them.

Unconditional love for oneself and others is the ultimate treasure worth discovering for everyone. Seeking love and truth is scary and humbling as you discover that your beliefs and the entire human construct are full of holes and weaknesses, but if you open yourself up to the natural truth, you will discover a tool strong enough to guide you and our world in a healthy direction for all. We can do this!

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