Table of Contents

Student Posts:

1. My Journey from Dismissing to Embracing Meditation by Chelsea V. – Padua Junior

2. Meditation Has Changed My Attitude and My Life by Tabitha C. Padua Senior

3. Meditation Is Helping My Creative Writing by Kiera M. – Padua Junior

4. The Effects of Meditation on My Sleep by Sienna D. – Padua Senior

5. Discovering the Value of Meditation by Krissy K. – Padua Junior

6. How Only 3 Minutes of Meditation Can Lessen My Stress by Jennifer C. – Padua Junior

7. Meditation Helps Relieve Concussion Byproducts by Lauren O. – Padua Senior

8. How Meditation Has Become My Stress Reliever by Mia C. – Padua Junior

9. How Meditation Has Impacted My Life by Shannon W. – Padua Senior

10. The Challenges of Meditating for Teenagers by Diana K. – Padua Junior

11. Meditation Inspires a Junior Research Paper by Emily G. – Padua Junior

12. Using Mindfulness Techniques in my Daily Life by Isabella E. – Padua Senior

Recent High School Alumni Posts:

13. A Boost in Confidence and Release from Anxiety by Ally Dorsey – Villanova Freshman

14. Finding the Breath, Finding Myself by Maya Shenoy – Columbia University Junior

15. How Meditation Helps Me Perform as an Athlete by Ava Ruggieri – Villanova Freshman

16. Meditation Is Keeping Me Sane by Becky Romanies – Padua Alumna

17. Meditation Helped Me Overcome Anxiety and Organize My Life by Natalie Onesi – U of Delaware Sophomore

18. Carrying Meditation Lessons into College – by Alysse Young – St. Joseph’s Junior

Elementary Schools:

19. Mindfulness at Carrcroft Elementary by Mark Overly – Carrcroft Principal

20. Elementary School Students Experience the Benefits of Mindfulness – Student quotes

Adult Posts:

21. The Important Life Lessons My Daughter Is Learning At Padua Academy by Jenn Kenton – Padua Parent

22. A Loving Way To Start 2021 by Ryan Shelton – DMA Teacher

23. At Peace With Myself Through Mindfulness by Susan Burris – Padua Teacher

24. Meditation: A Journey of Stillness by Shana Rossi – Padua Administrator

25. My Journey To Meditation by Johanna Jackson – Morgan Stanley

26. Shrinking the Focus of My Frenzied Mind by Carolyn Keefe – Padua Teacher

27. I’m Glad My Daughter is Learning Mindfulness at Padua by Vicki Land – Padua Parent

28. Breathing Helped Me Transition Into Retirement by Cindy Mann – Former Padua Head of School

29. Practicing Mindfulness During Lent by Vanessa Vavala – Padua Teacher