Student Perspectives on Meditation

Four of my students shared their experiences with Delaware Changing Lives here. Below are some additional thoughts from my students.

Lauren O. – 2 years ago, I sustained a concussion that lasted 9 months and severely affected both my physical and mental health. I had horrible headaches and nothing seemed to help, so one of my doctors suggested meditation. It had not only helped to ease my headaches, but it calmed my mind of the anxiousness that overtook me every day. I continue to practice meditation in school and in life, and have found countless benefits. 

Riley H. – I had never experienced meditation before Mr. Shelton introduced it to me in class. Being a junior in high school with an extremely busy schedule, meditation has allowed me to let go and feel relaxed about all my struggles and worries. Meditating at least once during a hectic day allows me to see the bigger picture and appreciate what is actually important in life. I now meditate everyday due to the positive effects it has had on my life.

Olivia R.- Mr. Shelton introduced a three minute meditation session to my physics class this year, and while at first I was hesitant, I have learned that it really has helped me with my everyday life. I have realized that those three minutes help me to let go of pointless worries that I have and allow me to focus on the most important things in my life. 

Cristina H.- Meditation has been a way for me to clear my mind of all the stress and worries in my life. It has been a way for me to step back from the mayhem going on in my daily life and relax. In physics class every morning we have been practicing meditation and it has been a nice way to relax before a stressful day of classes or just been a way to take a few moments to focus on myself rather than other things going on in my life. 

Jess C.- I never liked meditation before Mr. Shelton’s class.  I thought it was a waste of time and I could never quite settle myself enough to get what the whole thing was about.  Through the guided meditation in his class and the just three minutes we take before class starts I have been able to really realize how quieting your mind can help you feel more relaxed, collected, and focused on the task at hand.  Thanks to the way that Mr. Shelton guides the class in meditation I have realized how useful a tool meditation is and why it is so helpfully implemented into his class. 

Maggie P.- Before this year, meditation has never really been something that was a part of my life. However, after being introduced to it by my physics teacher, Mr. Shelton, it has had a positive effect on me and my relaxation level throughout the day at school. Those three minutes of meditation before class have allowed me to focus on only myself and no other outside worries. Meditation, personally, has also challenged me to try to put everything else out of my mind. I’ve  grown from my experience and become a better meditater. In addition, I have also started to meditate after long stressful days of school and at very stressful times of my life just to calm myself enough to focus on my next task at hand. 

Naja M.- Meditation was introduced to me through my physics teacher, Mr. Shelton. We would begin classes with a short meditation to help center ourselves before class. These short meditations sparked an interest in me. I now use meditation in my daily life, in the mornings and before bed, and in the process I’ve learned how to calm myself and prepare for the day ahead of me.

Vanessa B.- Meditation has really opened my mind. I have learned how to mentally step away from the chaos of the day for just a few moments. With practice over time, I have developed an increased mindfulness and realized how simple life really is. Meditation helps me to embrace who I am through a feeling of inner peace and satisfaction, in addition to being a major stress reliever.

Ally D.- I was introduced to meditation and mindfulness when I was suffering from severe anxiety during Freshman year. It helped me take control of my thoughts and my feelings. Since learning how to cope with my emotions and nervousness, I honestly didn’t make as much time to meditate. Since beginning Physics with Mr. Shelton, I have been exposed and given the opportunity to meditate and practice mindfulness on a daily basis. The three minutes of class that we are able to focus on ourselves and just breathe deeply has helped me to relieve stress and calm myself during a difficult day.

Katie H.- This year I was introduced to meditation through Mr. Shelton’s physics class. I have always been a person who experiences a lot of stress and anxiety due to my extremely busy schedule with schoolwork and sports. I was surprised and happy to see that in a normally stressful class, like physics, the teacher focused a lot on mental health and well-being along with obviously the classwork. At first, I did not think 3 minutes of meditation every class was going to have any effect on me, but I found myself refreshed and less stressed coming into class.

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