Implementing Meditation Into My Daily Life

Written by Padua Junior Isabella E.

While most people can agree on the universal benefits meditation brings, everyone has different experiences when they try it. I love to mediate because of how it makes me feel, physically and mentally, as well as how it has changed my perspective on life. 

After meditating for just 3 minutes in each physics class, I started seeing the benefits it brought into my life. It sparked my interest to learn more about it and inspired me to participate in more meditation sessions. When we were in school, part of our meditation club at Padua included 10-minute after school sessions of mediation every other Tuesday. By implementing this into my life, I have seen positive changes in my mood, overall thought process, and in being more mindful. 

Outside of school I make it a priority in my life to meditate at least once a day, even if it is just 3 minutes.  At home, I use the guided meditation app “Insight”, or I allow myself time to close my eyes and focus on my breath.  When I don’t meditate, I find myself full of anxiety and stress. With the craziness of life, balancing school, work, volunteering, friends, and family, it can be hectic. If everyone dedicated a little bit of time each day to mediation or even just a moment to focus on their breath, I believe we would all be more mindful and at peace.

In regards to the current virus spreading, COVID-19, it is very important that we as humans stay healthy. As well as washing my hands frequently and self isolating, I have continued meditating at home to help my mental health. Through our meditation club, we are holding 10 minute guided virtual meditation sessions via Google Meet every Monday and Thursday. With the big changes we are facing as these weeks pass, it is normal to feel angst and to be fearful of what the future holds. By meditating I feel my worries decrease and begin to think of more mindful thoughts. It is important that during this intimidating time we listen to our thoughts carefully and come together as a community, even if it is through Google Meet!

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