Finding Calm During Chaos

Written by Padua Junior Emily G.

Due to the fact that our world is somewhat chaotic right now, I wanted to take the time to write about how easy it can be for us to become lost in the crazy, and how I have been dealing with everything going on. 

When this all began (COVID-19 outbreak) I truly did not think much of it, I continued with my everyday life, maybe washed my hands a little more often, but that was it. That was until it became extremely real. From working at an “essential business” I got the first-hand experience of the stress and anxiety that people were overcome with, which ultimately began to affect my mindset as well. Group influence is real, and sadly, I found myself giving into it. My anxieties began to flood my mind with thoughts and fears of what was to come. Eventually, though, I realized how these thoughts were overtaking me, and I decided that the best thing for me was to take a step back and try to calm my mind of these constant anxieties. The perfect tool for this was meditation. At the end of each day, or sometimes even in the middle, depending how I felt, I would close my eyes and focus on my breath, accepting these negative feelings and allowing them to dissolve. As humans, we get so distraught at the idea of not knowing what’s next, and not being on a schedule, so taking a moment to calm our minds is truly beneficial. With all that is going on, many people are struggling to find peace within themselves, and instead, they continue to think of worst-case scenarios. 

I believe that mindfulness is one of the most important and beneficial tools we can all use during times like these. Being able to take a deeper breath and gain a more positive perspective for the future would be so helpful for society. Through meditation, I found my peace and understood how to accept reality how it is, and I am truly thankful for this tool at a time like this.

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