Using Mindfulness Techniques in my Daily Life

Written by Padua Senior Isabella E.

2020 was a crazy year for all of us. Uncertainties filled the air as our daily lives were changing. For myself and many others, these uncertain times brought a lot of anxiety and angst. Will I get Covid? Will a loved one get Covid? How am I going to stay motivated to do schoolwork? Will we ever go back to school full time? How long will this last? All these questions and many more were all up in air with no answers.

Having meditation and mindfulness techniques truly helped me calm down the emotions that filled my body. I bought myself a notebook and began to journal my thoughts and feelings, as well as to do lists. This kept me feeling balanced and helped motivate me to get things done, instead of laying in bed all day. I also began listening to mindfulness podcasts when I went for walks, when I was driving, doing homework, or simply just cleaning my room. My favorite podcast was one made by Spotify called “Daily Wellness”, which incorporated meditation, uplifting words, and your favorite music. Listening to these podcasts filled me with positive affirmations and mental clarity. I think as teenagers, social media can be so toxic for our mental health at times, so it is important to make sure what you are watching or listening to is beneficial to your mind. Finally I used guided meditation either through Youtube, Spotify, or the Calm app. Simple 5 minute meditation sessions focused my mind and allowed me to be in tune with my body. 

I am so grateful for mindfulness techniques like journaling, podcasts, and mediation for making me feel balanced and whole within. I truly believe that if anyone incorporates at least one of these techniques in their life, they will find a bit of peace within themselves during these unprecedented times. We can’t change the past, the future is yet to happen, so live in the present with love and kindness!

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