Happiness Doesn’t Come the Way You Think

By DMA Sophomore Samantha Kowalski 

In my sophomore year, I joined a class called Science of Happiness. I didn’t really understand what the class was about when I first signed up for it but I’m glad I did. Science of Happiness taught me that not everything you think will make you happy actually makes you happy. For example, if I asked you right now what would make you happier you would probably tell me money, better grades, or your dream house/car. In reality, those things only make you happy for a short period of time, and then you’re back to where you were before you got what you thought would make you happy. This class has helped me look at a lot of things differently. I’ve also helped others cope in better ways by sharing with them how I look at things now. Meditating in this class has also helped me. I personally did not like doing it in school due to the distractions but Mr.Shelton made us do it as an assignment at home and as I started doing it for a week it really helped. It helps reduce stress and stop the mind from wandering. At our age this is a big due to all the things going on in today’s society and all the things us teens worry about. Overall, this class has taught me to make the best of life in every situation and that there is always something good in every bad situation, even if we don’t realize it at that moment. I would definitely recommend this class to anyone. It has great benefits for you personally and teaches you ways to help others.

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