A Great Class

By DMA Senior Morgan Giofre

Taking Optimistic Mindset as one of my electives my senior year was one of the best choices I have made. It is a safe place where you can simply express your feelings, give your opinions, and get to know others. In this class we take time to meditate for 5-10 minutes a day. At our age doing this helps you in so many ways especially being in the middle of the school day.  In most classes you get a ton of information thrown at you for 7 hours, so the 5-10 minutes we take to let go of everything on our minds is crucial.

In this course you will basically learn how to stay happy, how to avoid depression, and other things along those lines. You will learn how important it is to do things that will make you happy while not focusing on the negative things/people in your life.  We also talk about some political issues and everyone states your opinion and you will learn how to state your opinion without arguing your opninion. 

Overall, this class has helped me open up to others, practice positive thinking, and has given me the opportunity to regroup myself when needed. I think that this is a class all high school students should consider, and I feel as if they will not regret it.

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