Cherishing Experiences

By DMA Senior Peyton Brannock

When I first heard about Optimistic Mindset, my first thoughts were, “This class will probably be a study hall or a free period.” I soon came to realize that this was a pretty interesting class to have. It goes into depth about the dos and don’ts to living a stress-free life and teaches you about the invisible bad habits we all seem to have. From owning social media accounts to watching a lot of TV; these things just aren’t good for the brain. I wouldn’t have even known that if this course wasn’t on my schedule. This has caused me to cut down on not only watching T.V but using apps like twitter and snapchat. I’ve started to try to cherish my experiences rather than waste the memories on my phone. I’ll take a quick picture or video, then put it down and go back to doing what I was doing. I began having a lot more fun with my friends when I started being more grateful for the time I have with them. I am going to have to learn to live without seeing them as frequently because I will be going off to college to play baseball. It’s a hard time coming to realize that this will be happening, but this course has made it a lot easier.

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