Rewiring My Brain to be a Better Person

By DMA Senior Molly Manley

I feel like the Rewirement activities in the Optimistic Mindset class have helped me in multiple ways. For example, while doing the Signature Strengths Rewirement, I found that I am focusing more on cheer and school rather than myself, and I need to take care of myself. While doing the Random Acts of Kindness Rewirement, it felt nice at the end of the week to look at the things I did for people. It made me feel like a better person. When we did the Gratitude Journal Rewirement, I learned about things I am truly thankful for, like my mom, as she does so much for me. It made me feel like a better person for realizing how much I appreciate the people who support my life with their actions. When we did the Social Connection Rewirement, I realized how little interaction I get with people outside my household because I am always home. I realize that if I start talking to more people I will gain more confidence. I really enjoy this class because I’m learning content that will help me as I pursue a psychology major in college. I also like how laid back the class is compared to others. It’s a refresher because it’s close to the end of the day, and after having stressful classes, it’s nice to relax and take a break where it’s not stressful. It’s definitely one of my favorite classes this year, so I would for sure recommend it to others when they choose their schedule.

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