Helpful Exercises I’ve Learned

By DMA Sophomore Kellen Roberts

I found this class really interesting and unique. Out of all the classes at DMA, this is the class that surprised me the most. I think it’s because I’ve never taken a class like this before and the topics are somewhat intriguing. One thing I found helpful is meditating. Just meditating 5 minutes a day helps me relieve stress that I collect throughout the long tiring days. I also find keeping my phone away from me when sleeping helps me with my mental health. It helps me fall asleep faster, and also get better sleep, which as I found out in this class, is super important to your mental health. I also think doing random acts of kindness is great for everyone. It makes my relationships with others better, and makes me feel better. For example, it makes me feel good knowing that I helped out my sisters with their homework which makes them more relieved and happier. One final thing I found super helpful in this class is splitting my gains and combining my losses. It’s a lot easier to get an assignment done if you do it all at once and just get it done rather than splitting it up into 15 minute sessions and then having breaks in between. This helps me because I have less distractions to worry about. In this class, I found these exercises and activities to be helpful for me and also for others.

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