Learning Ways to Become Happier

By DMA Freshman Emmerich Miller

Going into school on my first day of high school I was wondering what classes I would have. When I saw one of my classes was Optimistic Mindset, I was wondering what it was about because I had never heard about it. When I got there on the first day and heard what the class was about, I was surprised because in this class we get to talk about things that we would never really be able to talk about like mental health, meditation, and how to just be happier. 

We learn a lot of this through psychprotips which basically teach us ways to live a happier life. One psychprotip I’ve liked is, “Start meditating and turn it into a practice.” I have started to meditate more, and now I feel less stressed and more happy when doing things. Another one of the other psychprotips that I liked was, “Just get some sleep.” As I have started to go to bed earlier, I have noticed a difference in how focused I am in class and everything else I do. I have also felt better about doing the things that I like to do after school because I am not as tired.

Each week in class, we get a new Rewirement to focus and it makes us really do some of the things we talk about in class. So far we’ve done a Gratitude Journal Rewirement which makes us think about all the small things that we are grateful for, the Meditation Rewirement which makes us meditate once a day, and the Exercise Rewirement which makes us exercise for a little bit each day. These are just a few of the amazing Requirements we have talked about so far.

Overall this class has taught me so many things that I would never have learned anywhere else. I am extremely thankful to have been in this class. It has taught me so many things that I will be able to use in high school and as I go through life. This class has been one of my favorite classes I have ever taken. I can not wait to learn more ways of becoming happier in the next few months. 

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