Rewirements Helped Me Become a Better Person

By DMA Sophomore Kate Hines

Taking this course has led me to implement strategies and new habits in my everyday life. The slideshows and videos we watched informed me on different ways to improve my well-being and also provided facts about things that increase your happiness. There are many things that I learned that are helpful but I believe the rewirements are the most helpful. We did many different rewirements throughout the marking period including signature strengths, gratitude journal, and exercise. These rewirement let me look back on my week and reflect on the good things I did. For example, the exercise rewirement let me reflect on the activities I did and it created a habit to always get at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. Doing this could increase my happiness and well-being. Another rewirement we did was the gratitude journal. This one is probably the most helpful to me because I was able to think about things that I am grateful for. If you do this every day and really think about what you are grateful for, I believe that you will be more appreciative of what you have. For example, if you are super grateful for your family, the gratitude journal gives you the chance to think about them and be more thankful for them and all they do. I believe that reflecting on things that are important to you can help you be a better person. You can see what you need to do to work on yourself while also seeing what you accomplished and should feel good about. For me the rewirements were very helpful and contributed to making myself a better person. I am glad that I took this class and was introduced to habits and information that can be used to increase my well-being.

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