Opening My Mind to More Happiness

By DMA Sophomore Benjamin Bartol

Going into this class I was confused. It was a class that I didn’t sign up for nor knew anything about. I learned on day one it was exactly how it sounded: the study of how one enjoys life and makes it worth living. Mr. Shelton told the class about himself and the things he does to become happy: family, friends, hiking, teaching, and finally meditation. The first ones stuck with me since they were very similar to mine, besides the last one – meditation. I heard of it before but I never tried it. I thought it would have no effect on me, until he had us try it out. I found it nice how quiet it was to just rest. He had proven me wrong. The thing that I thought wouldn’t affect me turned out to do the opposite. Mr. Shelton opened my mind up to new opportunities to be happy, so I listened more to what he had to say. He gave us these activities every week called Rewirements which made us try new things every day and record how it made us feel. The ones that affected me the most was “exercise at least once every day.” I had already done this so I decided to push myself to do even more each day. It felt rewarding everyday knowing that I was bettering myself each time I exercised. Going into this class, I thought it would be like all the others – do the work to get the grade and move on – but I was wrong. It did more for me than I could have ever expected.

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