A Better Perspective on Life

By DMA Sophomore Madeline August

The point of Science of Happiness is to learn ways to protect and help people’s mental health. Having Science of Happiness in the middle of my school day is definitely a positive experience. It gives me a chance to just reset and have a good end of the day. This class has also taught me a lot. I’ve learned ways to help control my mind and the best way was by meditating. In the beginning of the year, we would start class by meditating for 5 minutes. I saw a big decrease in my emotions and it was a huge benefit in my days at school.

I also really enjoyed learning PSYCHPROTIPS. Mr. Shelton introduced us to 27 PSYCHPROTIPS and I learned a lot from them. These 27 tips just give you suggestions on how to live your life. The ones I liked the most were: #21 Just get some damn sleep, #5 Increase the variety in your life, #16 Savor your important connections in high school before it’s too late, and #18 Start meditating and turn it into a practice. These and many more psychprotips gave me daily reminders on how to have a happy life.

Overall, I’d say that taking this course was a big benefit to the first half of the school year. As a high school student, taking a 40-minute class to just learn ways to control your mental health is very needed. I also feel that Mr. Shelton teaches this class really well and without his lessons and this class I don’t think I’d have the better perspective on my life that I do now.

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